Have Your Own Reliable Power House

Relying on solar energy for the need of electricity is catching up as adopting this clean alternative energy has become more convenient. The disadvantages of storage systems used and the cost involved are not the preventing factors anymore and getting the clean, uninterrupted power is a proven possibility now. The heavy  lead-acid battery, using of which had many disadvantages like heaviness, less time of storage, less efficiency  in utilizing the power , lesser life and inconvenience in portability, has been replaced by lighter ones. Solar energy is in abundant and the modern day lion energy solar generator is the good option to have your own power house.

The Lithium Phosphate batteries which are in use now as storage units assure the complete use of energy. The availability of sunlight only in the day is the restriction in getting the uninterrupted power supply and the storage unit is the key which decides the optimum and efficient use of power. The solar power generator using lithium phosphate battery is a real lion energy solar generator which could supply the energy need of your household. It weighs very light when compared to the older version of the solar units and is very much portable. You can operate all electrical appliances and the convenience of your life is assured.

It’s time to go solar

  • The solar units become very affordable and the cost per unit of electricity is very less in the long run. The fear of its capacity to charge some appliances only is the thing of the past and you can operate a whole range of your electrical appliances.
  • The conventional energy sources are fast depleting and the methods of energy production like thermal and nuclear power production are a real threat to the environment. The excavation of coal in tons and the consequent burning come to the point of choking the atmosphere. The solar energy as the clean alternative is catching up.
  • The governments worldwide are promoting the alternative clean solar energy generation. You as an individual can do your part in saving the earth and governments offer subsidies for the solar power installations is an added advantage.


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