The Benefits of Outsourcing your Builder’s Clean

A builder’s clean can technically be carried out by anyone with the right cleaning equipment and enough time on their hands. The process can be involved but is relatively straightforward and whilst it can be carried out in house, there are many benefits to outsourcing this vital piece of work through hiring an industrial cleaning company.

This article will serve to outline just how outsourcing your post construction cleaning work could benefit you.

A Turnkey Building

You will often find that your client will want to move into their new building as soon as its finished. Most clients will have a copy of the construction programme, outlining all of the various key milestones, and the one they will be most interested in is marked ‘project completion’.

To assist in getting your client moved in as soon as possible, a hired cleaning company is great for coming in over a weekend and really making a building look presentable post construction. The quicker you can get the building clean and ready for occupation, the quicker you can move on to your next project.

Turnkey Building

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

A specialist cleaning company will have all of the required cleaning solutions and equipment to hand and ready to go. Most construction companies won’t be in possession of this equipment and will likely have to buy it as well as make sure that they have enough operatives on hand that know how to clean well enough to satisfy the fussiest of clients.

No Need to Hire Additional Staff

Carpenters, electricians and bricklayers are skilled at what they do. Cleaning won’t necessarily be one of those skills, and if they are, they are unlikely to want to spend their time cleaning the same building they have just constructed.

To avoid having to hire cleaning staff, outsource your cleaning requirements instead.

You Will Likely Save Money

Cleaners are professionals who know how to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently. The level of skill required to remove builder’s rubbish is higher than it is to clean the average kitchen floor or bathroom.

Hiring an industrial cleaning company will come with a cost attached to it but this cost will still be lower than training any existing staff you do have to be able to clean to the right standard. That five day clean to inexperienced staff will be reduced to three by a professional cleaning company, saving you money in the long run.

Hire the Right Company

If you are based within the South-East of England, you’re in luck. There are several companies providing after builders cleaning in Essex and the surrounding areas so you should have plenty to choose from. Many will be able to attend your site at short notice in case you find your construction programme running late.

Getting your latest project ready for handover doesn’t have to be stressful with the right services available at your disposal. Contracted post construction cleaning is a recognised industry and one that is widely used. Making use of these services can only make your life easier.

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