Reasons to Use a Video to Document Your Kids Birthday

There is nothing wrong with capturing your child’s birthday on camera, you can get some beautiful images of your kids that will last a lifetime. But there are other ways to document your kid’s special day, you can use a video recorder to capture the moment in real time and play it back afterwards, so you can enjoy parts of the event you may have missed.

  • You can let other people enjoy the celebrations who couldn’t make the party – We now have easy access to transport which brings us all across the globe, and some families have decided to settle in far off lands instead to buying homes in their native country.It means that families are now thousands of miles apart and they can’t always be together during important dates like birthdays and graduations. If you record your child’s birthday using a video recorder, you can send it off to family and friends all around the world. You give them the opportunity to enjoy the day even if they couldn’t attend in person, pictures don’t quite have the same appeal. You can flick through photos, but you only get a visual sense of the occasion, you miss subtle facial expressions and sounds.

  • Videos allow family and friends who missed the event time to enjoy it – Images of your children’s birthday, when captured by a professional photographer can be beautiful, but they don’t have the same impact as a documentary. You may send your mother images of your son’s birthday where they sang their first song to an adoring crowd, everything looks beautiful, the setup, the balloons, your son’s outfit, but something is missing. There is no sound available on an image, all you can do is look at it and enjoy its visual appeal. But having a recording of the song they sang is priceless, you get to experience what everyone else did, even though you are on the other side of the country or world.
  • You can save the moment in many formats – Videography allows you to save the event to all different types of platforms, this ensures longevity. There are some great video documentary services like Proud Daddy Moments in Melbourne which employ specialist personnel who can come and record your children’s party on film. After the event they create a feature which lets you enjoy every moment of your kid’s birthday, from beginning to end. Videography is similar to photography, but it allows you to experience the event in a different way. You get to hear sounds, laughter, and kids having fun in the moment, not just still images of happy faces. It basically takes photography to the next level, pictures can be boring to look at, but the same can’t be said for videos.

It is important, as a parent, to find ways to remember significant events in your child’s life. Hiring a professional videographer to document these events is an excellent way of creating something that lets you look back on these memories with joy. They are precious moments which should be captured with the right equipment.

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