All you need to know about the famous street style brand Leonyx

The name of the brand is taken from the Big cat family or Felidae. This brand is here to rock the street style of fashion culture. And its logo is a tiger face that is mainly inspired by the east Asian art culture along withe the tiger logo three stripes and a star is present that represents the honour and pride of the brand. This brand mixes art with fashion but by using only high-end and premium quality materials and as a resulting masterpiece is created.

And the very first collection that is known as Leonyx Camo 2019 was influenced by the pattern and colours that were inspired by the global scouts’ outfit. From the tiniest detail to the finest materials by matching various colours of high-end material the best designs were chosen and altogether the leonyxstore jogger classic collection became glorious and successful.

Introduction of Leonyx Jogger half Camo

leonyxstore jogger classic item prevails in the bottoms category and is quite in demand. Its price is 1190 baht and the special offer exists were if you buy two products the price is just 2000 baht. The nationwide shipping is available via EMS nationwide. Various sizes are available. The size chart is as shown below:

  • XS – waist 27’/length 37.5′
  •  S – waist 29’/length 38′
  •  M – waist 31’/length 38.5′
  •  L – waist 33’/length 39′

And the waist can also be adjusted according to demand by at least 6-8 inches. The bottom is made of comfortable material and is beautifully designed where one side of the leg is of military camo print and the other side has the black print with the logo is proudly stitched on it. It is an amazingly designed product where the materials are of high quality and the appearance is a high-end funky street style.

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