Clarins Malaysia’s Water Lip Stain-Your Best Kiss-Proof Brand

One of the must-haves in every modern woman’s make-up bag is Lipstick. It’s a make-up that comes in a range of colors, shades, and types. The typical colors for lipstick include red, pink, brown, purple and satin although the list is long. People buy lipsticks according to their color preference which is influenced by factors such as skin color, and hair color.  Apart from beauty lipsticks moisturizes the lips giving the user a younger beautiful smile. There are types of lipsticks that cannot stick for long on your lips, and you keep on pulling it to apply once it fades. There is a little secret to conquer that problem, and I say it! Kiss-proof your lips with Clarins Malaysia’s water lip stain. You will have a lasting color on your lips the whole day and only you; will wipe it before you go to bed. It will not stick to your clothes, and whether you get that longest deep kiss, you are safe from the embarrassment of seeing your lipstick stained on your partner’s lips. Clarins water lip stain got your back, as we give you the best water lip stain that allows your lipstick to stick longer without fading or staining your white coffee cup.

Why is the kiss-proof water lip stain important

 Imagine how great a midnight celebratory snog on a night out would be. Also, think of how a happy birthday kisses or a new year’s kisses are great! Now when you are preparing to get out for that night out, or a birthday party, or even the New Year’s Eve you and you would want to wear your sexy skinny jeans and a white top! Then you think perhaps a dark red lip would blend so well with your black dyed hair. You are confident that the look will break necks whenever you pass. Awesome, is it?  All this is cool, but you forgot one thing, the Clarins kiss-proof water lip stain to protect your makeup from fading whenever your lips come into contact with an object or other lips. Nothing is disgusting as like kissing or giving someone a peck and when you pull away, you see your lipstick shade smeared so severely over their lips. It kills the happy mood. To avoid this mess, Kiss-proof your lips with Clarins Malaysia’s water lip stain and have a lively night out with your lipstick intact. With the Clarins Malaysia’s water lip stain, you will have your style and desires uncompromised. You can also drink, eat and kiss as you want with a lasting water lip stain. Should you be wondering about the cost, relax! It will cost you only $89, and there you have this fantastic Clarins product.

Easy to apply

Every time you want to Kiss-proof your lips with Clarins Malaysia’s water lip stain, it will be an easy task. The water lip stain comes with a brush that fits perfectly your lips’ shape allowing for a more comfortable application. It is also filled with a sufficient amount of color, so you don’t need to keep on scooping more. Once is enough

Wipe it out with the best cleansing product from Clarins

You might be wondering how you will clean your lips off makeup and the water lip stain, don’t worry, Clarins Micellar water does the magic. It is formulated to tone and purify the skin. Micellar water is the best choice for each night routine for skin care.

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