Top Styling Tips from The Leaders in Fashion

The fashion industry is undoubtedly an unpredictable place. Remember how color clashing was still a thing and suddenly fashion minimalism is dominating the fashion trends.

From, stiletto  to pointed flats. From furr to denim jackets. Well, you can say the fashion is in gradual growth year by year.

Another scenario, ever remember when’s the last time people made a beach fashion show? Well, lately top US brand made its way to awe people through ramp models in casual attires rummaging the beach floor.

Now, I would not be so surprise to hear you wanting to become one of the leading fashion stylists Australia. If you wanted so, then take today’s blog post as your guide in making you the best stylist of all time.


Compliment Your Shoulders 

Compliment your shoulders and the lines in your chest. You can either go for an off-shoulder look or wear the best looking blazer. Depending on an occasion you’re attending, it’s best that you consider to compliment your shoulders.

You can wear off shoulder on a casual day out or on a trip to the beach. You can also pull it off on a fancy dinner with a tight pencil skirt down below. Or, you may wear it on an intimate dinner.

Wearing blazers are definitely not for hiding your shoulders, it is used to convey a strong message on your look. If you are going to an office look, ofcourse having a nice lookint blazer can deliver a strong impression. It’s best to structure and define your shoulder line making you look presentable and stiff.

Blending High End With Low End 

Take note, fashion does not have to mean expensive. If you want to have a good taste of fashion then you need to have the creativity and ideas not the money it requires.

You can still look like the leading fashion stylists Australia even if your whole look is capped at $100. You can still slay the red carpet even if your gown is priced at less than $1000.

Some say, the best leading fashion stylists Australia blends the high end fashions with the low ends. Say, you can wear a Gucci sequined top for $750 and you can pair it with an old school pleated skirt for $50. You can fi nish the whole look with a Gucci duffle bag, and a dirty white old sneakers. Yet in that look, you can still slay the New York and Australian paparazzi in streets.

Take the Course 

After all, being the world’s leading fashion stylists Australia means you need to be knowledgeable with not only in the latest trends in fashion, not only with the ideas and witt in fashion, but also your credibility to style and do fashion. For that, you need to take the course, enroll and ensure your internship.

There’s a whole lot of competition in the fashion industry today, and the only thing for you to compete and be distinguishable is when you have the name on your diploma that will tell your future clients that you are indeed reliable for the job.

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