Using Lancome Serum for Proper Skin Care Across the Years

You need to view the range of Lancôme serum skincare for you to choose the right product for your skin. The Lancome serum is an advanced formula and fast-acting serum that can make your skin clearer and radiant after only a week of use.

This serum has the formula and ingredients that work to improve the key signs of a youthful skin namely, firmness, skin tone, elasticity, smoothness, and radiance. It has a patented formula which involves the Bifidus extract. This is responsible for strengthening and protecting the skin’s moisture barrier. This serum is formulated to suit all women, with all types of skin, and varying ethnicities. The creation of such serum took 14 years of research and 197 formulation trials.

The Lancome serum must be used morning and night. The bottle comes with a self-loading dropper that enables you to have the exact amount you need for every application. The following are some of the steps you have to follow in the application of the Lancome serum:

You have to prepare your skin.

Remove any makeup on your face but make sure that you don’t pull or tug the skin too much. You can cleanse it with your cleanser and pat the face dry.

view the range of Lancôme serum skincare

Dispense properly.

With the use of the dropper, you may dispense one to two pumps of Lancome Advanced Genifique serum on your palm. Through the use of the other hand, you may dip one’s fingers into the forehead, neck, chin, nose, and both cheeks.

Apply this on your face.

You may rub this serum across your cheeks through three outward strokes from nose to the ear, under the eye, and another on the mouth level and also along the jawline. You may then swipe the serum on the forehead and around the nose.

Apply this on the neck too.

With the remaining serum on the palm, press both hands together and pat it on the neck area. In a downward motion, massage this on the skin until it becomes fully absorbed.

You need to lock in nourishment.

You may need to follow up this with a moisturizer or any treatment.

The following are some skin care routines that are recommended along with the use of the Lancome Advanced Genifique serum:

For women in their twenties

It is important to keep the skin hydrated and healthy with a good skincare routine. It is safe to explore and experiment with colors. The Lancome skin serum is recommended keep the skin radiant, youthful, and healthy.

For women in their thirties

Maintain a skin routine by using the Advanced Genefique and Vissionaire. Use this day and night, and also apply eye cream to protect from skin aging and to keep the skin hydrated.

For women in their forties

You have to be aware of some skin changes during this time. Anti-aging skin serums are crucial, and it is essential to use a nourishing night cream.

For women in their fifties

It is significant to use Lancome products that help to regenerate the skin and renew the skin tissues. Doing this will give you a youthful complexion.

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