How to Incorporate CBD In Your Skincare Routine?

Ever since non-psychoactive cannabinoid has been legalized in the 50 states of USA, you can find a host of products related to CBD has flooded into the market. So, it is not a surprise that you can see many skin care products too with CBD label.

However, to buy skin care product with a CBD oil may not be as easy as it may sound. Since the market for CBD products are still in evolving stage most of the products that you see in the market are not regulated.

There is always a chance that you may be victim of false claims or incorrect labelling. As a result, there still exists plenty of confusion particularly among first-time buyers and therefore you must remember the following 2 things while buying any beauty product.

All hemp oil not necessarily is CBD oil

No doubt CBD is obtained from the hemp plant, but that does not mean that if any product that is sold as hemp oil is not necessarily CBD oil. Hemp seed oil may be a popular ingredient for your hair or skin, but hemp oil may not carry any CBD.

Also, hemp oil may not produce the same effect that any CBD oil can.


Don’t believe the claims made in the advertisement

Often in the advertisement for beauty products, where CBD is used may make certain claims, but FDA has warned all companies to not make such claims in their advertisements. Most of the claims about CBD have not yet been proven scientifically.

How to use CBD beauty products?

We all must have heard that CBD can do lots of wonders to our skin, but we should know how you should incorporate them. Following are few ways to get best out of your skincare products with CBD.

1. Cleanse

Make sure that you must clean your face at least twice a day everyday before you apply any of the beauty care products. Usually, lots of dirt may settle on your face during the day.

If you regularly wash your face before applying any of the CBD based beauty products, then you can always get best results.

2. Hydrate

It is absolutely necessary that your skin gets sufficient amount of hydration and most of the CBD based skin products can provide necessary moisture to your skin.

However, in order to protect the moisture on your face you must try to use certain mask on your face so that it may not dry up easily. More your skin remains hydrated more the skin care will do wonders for you.

3. Protect

You must also protect your skin by using face oil serum that is loaded with necessary oils which are quite rich in antioxidants. This creates a protection layer against free radicals.

4. Aromatherapy

Use CBD bath salts to treat your body by relaxing in your bath tub with bath salts. Most of us often forget to do exfoliation which is a necessary step that we should not forget.

You may not be aware that skin cells build-up can happen everywhere and that need to be removed by scrubbing, to avoid any body breakouts.

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