A Knowhow of Anavar Cycle and Diet Plans


Anavar has been used by many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. But if you don’t follow the dosage and diet right, you will not be able to attain the physique that you set out to achieve through the use of Anavar. The better you follow a customised chart of the stacks and the dosages to be taken during the cycle of usage along with supplement intake. The right kind of food especially that contains high protein content which helps in muscle growth, repair and recovery during this period has to consume as a part of your dieta para ciclo.

What Anavar does to your body?

Since Anavar does not aromatize like other steroids causing enlargement of breasts in men. Hence it is a popular steroid that men often use during the cutting phase. This steroid has to be used within permissible limits prescribed on the pack and for the period of the cycle, a prolonged usage will definitely cause liver toxicity.

Anavar is used to give a proper definition to the muscle and remove that stubborn body fat in areas that are hard to get rid of by only exercising and dieting. The maximum length of the cycle should not extend from four to six weeks; this period of usage will definitely make you see significant changes in the body. Higher doses will not give overnight transformation and a beginner should not attempt this at any cost as it would cause very bad side effects as well as irreversible side effects to the body.

Once you lose weight with Anavar, it will be kept off you for a long time and not gain instantly when you wean off the drug. Hence it is very popular, this way you lose fat and weight and you now own that fabulous body. The body has a set function that fat should be stored, but Anavar reverses this process and the metabolic action that follows after the consumption of anavar as per the cycle will burn the fat, slowly the burning of will give place to the lean muscle to show. This is when your body will show the washboard abs and taut muscular physique.

If you take the dosages carefully then women who usually experience virilisation due to the androgenic effect of the drug such as deepening of the voice, irregular menstrual cycle, body and facial hair growth, enlargement of the clitoris etc. these side effects can be avoided with lower dosages and taking a break in cycles so that continuous and prolonged usage of the drug does not cause devastating effects on your body when you are on a dieta para ciclo.

Due to the milder nature of this steroid, it has proved to be an ideal steroid for women who are fitness enthusiasts and want a certain body type. This will definitely help women who suffer from weight issues throughout their life due to the yo-yo effect of the hormones along with other issues such as childbirth, heredity, menopause, lifestyle and eating habits contribute to the weight.

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