A Few Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing tends to be broken down into three stages; this is true of plumbing for a commercial building or for a home. The plumbing comes from the water main or from your well. It is then piped into your house. Once in the house, it is directed into several different pipes that travel to all of the different fixtures around your house. Then the wastewater is piped back into the sewer main. The sewer main either goes to a municipal source or to a septic tank. If you have plumbing problems, it is usually with one of these three different phases. The most common plumbing problems deal with the plumbing inside of the house.

Plumbing Blockages

When you are dealing with plumbing blockages in your house, you can have a block in one pipe or in multiple. If you have multiple fixtures that won’t drain, that typically means that the blockage is actually in your sewer main or close to the septic tank. That will result in a blockage in multiple parts of your plumbing. Otherwise, a blockage in a single fixture is a sign that the clog is somewhere in that pipe.

You can solve a plumbing problem like that in one of two ways; you can handle it yourself or you can call a professional. A blockage because someone put something down a drain or toilet that they weren’t supposed to is a common problem with plumbing in Southampton. If it is hair or soap, you can often clear out the clog with a liquid drain rooter. However, if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to use a drain snake. Finally, if none of that seems within your skill set, you can call a professional.

Leaking Pipes

It can sometimes be difficult to diagnose leaking pipes. In some cases, the pipes will leak into the walls and you’ll be able to tell what is wrong with them. In other cases, your pipes will leak in ways that might not be readily apparent. The easiest way to diagnose a leak is to set regular appointments with a plumber. If you have an appointment with a plumber to inspect your plumbing from time to time, they’ll be able to find the leak.

You should have a plumber look at your pipes for signs of different problems; this will ensure that your pipes remain in the best possible shape. Many types of plumbing problems begin as small problems and grow larger over time. Therefore, if you can catch them when they are small, you will save a lot of time and money.

Weak Water

One of the final problems that you might experience is that of weak water pressure. Weak water pressure can occur because of a blockage in the water flowing into your house. You need to make sure to get in touch with a professional about this type of problem.

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