How a Modern Pergola Could Benefit Your Garden

The garden pergola is considered to be a timeless classic and for good reason. What it hasn’t always done is provide a form of shelter for those who may opt to sit below it. In addition to folding awnings and conventional retractable roof systems, the pergola is now available with a retractable roof making it much more versatile than ever.

If you’ve been considering new garden furniture or a roofing system to provide shelter for you and your family, keep reading and we’ll tell you all about the contemporary pergola.

What is a Pergola?

The pergola has traditionally been a wooden structure, constructed from individual pieces of timber to form a tall freestanding frame. Rather than having any practical use, the pergola was often positioned as a walkway with a path underneath it or a great place to run trailing ivy and vines.

The pergola was never originally intended to have a roof covering of any sort which limited its practicality.

Retractable Roof Pergolas

The retractable roof pergola is an evolution of the original design, the difference being that a roof system is installed which can be retracted at will. This in essence has given the pergola a canopy and allows it to be used as a seating and recreational area, essentially turning it into a type of gazebo.

What you will notice is that more contemporary materials are usually used in their construction such as steel and aluminium rather than simple wood.

UV and Heat Protection

The primary reason for building any sort of outdoor canopy is usually one of protection from the elements, weather rain or sun. Unlike the traditional pergola, a fabric or vinyl covering of your choice can be fitted to your modern pergola which is going to provide a significant amount of protection for those sitting underneath it.

This ability to keep out the sun will mean that anyone enjoying the pergola will be much more comfortable and will be able to remain outside for longer.

Highly Customisable

As mentioned, a pergola is available in any colour of your choice. What we find is that homeowners like to match their pergola roofs to the colours of their homes existing architecture, creating a usable space that looks as if it was designed and built with your home.

Furthermore, the shape and profile of each support post can be customised to provide something that is exactly to the tastes of the homeowner.

Install a Retractable Pergola of Your Own

The options available are extensive and the costs can be compared to any other external roofing system on the market. One of several companies can install a retractable roof pergola in Melbourne and the surrounding areas so it is simply a matter of finding the right one for you. We would suggest that you approach several to ensure value for money and to compare what they have to offer. Some suppliers will even provide free installation as part of the deal.

Your garden doesn’t only have to be of use to you in the summer. Extend its usability with the right roofing system that will offer a comfortable environment come rain or shine.

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