The right kind of shower cubicle that will fit in your bathroom

Your bathroom is that personal space of your home where you want it to be not only practically functional but also comfortable and elegant. Aesthetic appeals when it comes to personal areas like bathroom and kitchen are the considerations and requirements of most of the home owners today. They wish to have a stylish one yet within the budget. Shower cubicles and enclosures are that aspects of your bathroom that either enhance or spoil your bathroom’s visual appeal. And as it all narrows down to your choice and selection, proper planning when it comes to choosing shower cubicle is very important.

Shower cubicles that fit all kinds of bathrooms

Every home is different and so are the bathrooms where some are spacious and some are limited to space. The shape of your bathroom is very important because choosing the right shower cubicle for awkwardly shaped bathrooms or irregularly shaped bathrooms is quite tricky. Budget is yet another consideration where proper planning is essential because a wrong decision will cost a lot to get corrected. Designs of shower cubicles today are available for all kinds of bathrooms whether small or big and all you have to do is plan according to the available space and budget.

Modern designs of shower cubicles are designed and styled such that they fit any bathroom today. And this wide variety of option to choose from makes it possible for you to choose something ideal that will suit your requirement. All you have to do is make sure that the design and style of shower cubicle that you choose must be easy to install.

The different types of shower cubicles

Square shower cubicle, quadrant shower cubicle, D-shaped shower cubicle and pentagonal shaped shower cubicles are the most common types of shower cubicles. Other factors that you need to consider while choosing a shower cubicle and its enclosure is the doors where you have the option of framed, semi-framed, frameless and semi frameless varieties.

The most common type of shower cubicle is the square shower cubicle which is ideal for small bathrooms with limited space. Most of the modern square shower cubicles are designed such that they maximize the space. All you need is two free walls that are adjacent to one another where you need to attach the cubicle. Easy installation is one advantage of the square type along with making your shower look spacious. Doors for the square type can be either the hinged door or sliding doors where hinged doors opening outwards is ideal when you have enough space in your bathroom while sliding door is ideal for smaller space. Both the kind of doors is very easy to maintain and depending on the space requirement you can choose either of the two.

Shower cubicles that are chick and trendy

If you are looking for a trending and stylish shower cubicle and when you have two walls for attaching the cubicle then a quadrant shower cubicle is the one for your bathroom. The appeal is due to the fact that the front of this kind of cubicle is rounded and hangs from both the walls it is attached to. It is also a popular choice as it is trendy and fashionable enhancing your bath’s aesthetics. Yet again you can choose between hinged doors and sliding doors for this kind of shower cubicle as well.

When you have just a single wall where you can attach the shower cubicle and you want it to appear elegant and trendy then D-shaped shower cubicle is the one for your bathroom. This kind of shower enclosure is rounded from wall to wall making it appear modish and trendy. When you have two walls to spare for installing the shower cubicle then pentagonally shaped shower cubicle is the one for your large bathroom. This kind of shower enclosure is all about looks and appeal where the design is known to consume a lot of space in your bathroom and thus ideal for bigger bathrooms. For both D-shaped and pentagonal shaped shower cubicles, the choice of doors could either be hinged or sliding doors.

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