Here’s Why You Should Consider Bulk SMS for Your Business

Marketing is an essential aspect of any growing business. It’s something that you cannot and should not disregard if you want to expand or even just to maintain your clients. With the onset of technology, SMS has become a crucial part of any marketing mechanism insofar as effectivity is concerned. It’s the easiest and fastest, too. If you are still confused and befuddled as to why this is the platform of choice for many business owners, here are some of the top reasons why top bulk sms software in malaysia is the best promotional mechanism.


As businesses continue to grow around you, yours should also be fluid and flexible. The market conditions are constantly changing so you also need to adapt to it as much as possible. With bulk SMS advertising, your marketing campaign can reach hundreds and even millions of target audience in just a few seconds. If there are other effective ways to reach a large number of recipients in a very short period of time, then we don’t know what that is.

top bulk sms software in malaysia


Open Ratios

People check their phones all the time. In fact, they open their SMS messages more often than their emails. This is one of the reasons why you need to switch to SMS advertising. Studies show that about 98% of phone messages are instantly opened within a few seconds and read by the owner and only about 20% opens their emails on a regular basis. If you want to be able to market your products and services in the least time possible, then there’s no better way than to do it through SMS marketing.

Lower Cost

Advertising through the television and newspaper will cost you a lot of dough. Besides, these forms of advertising are best left to large-scale businesses. If you are just starting out a business, it’s definitely not a good idea as you can actually use your capital on more important aspects of the business. With bulk SMS marketing, the operation cost of the software is relatively lower than other advertising mechanisms. Additionally, you can launch it within a few minutes without spending a lot. Expect a higher return on your investment with bulk SMS marketing, too.


Since you will be dealing with various clients, you can effectively customize your campaign messages according to the requirements of a particular niche based on demographics and customer behavior. You can also have it customized according to location. These personalization process won’t even cost you anything extra so you don’t need to anxious or apprehensive.

There are literally hundreds of ways to promote your products and services. Newspapers, TV ads, flyers, brochures – these are just some marketing mechanisms which you can apply on your own business. However, this will cost you quite a lot of money and effort, too. If you want the fastest and the most cost-effective way to market your business, choose bulk SMS.

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