Is Snapchat rising as one of the best social media channels?

Snapchat application was launched in September 2011. Initially, the application allowed people to share photos, pictures, and text messages with other users for certain time-frame. The content disappears after completion of the time limit. In May 2014, the application also started allowing users to share small video clips. According to data released by Snapchat, more than 700 million self-destructing videos and images are shared on the application each day.

Snapchat Discover

Social networking app cannot survive without any source of revenue. After spending the considerable period of time without revenue, Snapchat’s creators finally launched the perfect tool to make money in January 2015. Snapchat’s Discover feature allows advertisers to display their content in the form of photos and videos.

Currently, Yahoo News, CNN, MTV, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Fusion, Vice News, People, Bleacher Report, Food Network and Snapchat’s editorial team’s content is available in the app’s Discover section.  The content is refreshed on a daily basis. Thanks to Discover and advertising opportunities offered by Snapchat, top San Antonio SEO companies are looking at the app as one of the best social media marketing channels.

Brands are slowly getting attracted to Snapchat

Most of the Snapchat users are young, so, brands are getting the opportunity to reach young audiences with the app. Let’s take a look at some of these content sharing companies, and try to understand the reason behind their decision to be a part of Snapchat’s Discover.

  • Cosmopolitan

Cosmo is famous as the magazine that publishes content based on fashion, self-improvement, health, sex, beauty, etc. The magazine is printed and published in several countries around the world. Reports suggest that the magazine aims to create snackable content for the app.

Currently, the content in Discover’s Cosmo section is updated once in every 24 hours.  The magazine makers may start updating its videos and articles twice-a-day if they successfully find enough audiences on Snapchat.

Discover has proved to be another social media platform for Cosmopolitan that allows it to reach young audiences. The women-friendly magazine publisher has managed to rope-in Victoria’s secret and Sperry as sponsors for their content on Snapchat.

  • CNN International

Cable News Network has assigned one team to manage their content on Discover. Currently (while writing this article) the news company presents its content in the form of six snaps that are updated every morning. Out of these six snaps, content in five of them talks about news stories, while the sixth one is “did you know” type of informative slide or video.

According to certain marketing industry experts, CNN decided to join Snapchat because most of the app’s users are below the age of 30. The app is also helping CNN to reach its target audiences between the age group of 13 and 18. This is news organization’s attempt to present its editorial team’s content in-front of the young audience that will prove to be America’s future. BMW is one of CNN’s advertisers for this content. Some snaps and articles are exclusively released on this platform from CNN.

  • Daily Mail

Daily Mail tabloid’s content mostly consists of pictures. They update around 8,000 pictures on a daily basis.

Jon Steinberg, Daily Mail’s CEO for North American region recently interacted with journalists and said that Snapchat is altogether a different platform that allows them to reach audiences and experiment with headlines and photographs at the same time. Daily Mail will change its style and forms to suit their audience’s requirements once they receive data from Snapchat. Currently, the tabloid has managed to get T-Mobile, Macy’s, Stride, and Oxygen Street Throw down as its sponsors.

  • Fusion

Disney and ABC’s Fusion Network post five different stories every day in the form of video or articles in Snapchat’s Discover section. The content is selected by its team of editors’ every day and it is exclusively shared only on this platform. Discover allows Fusion to reach audiences even in countries where its network is not available or is unknown to people.

  • Vice

The documentary and news broadcaster shares video, as well as text stories in Discover section. These stories are selected from its ten verticals, and are updated once a day.  Mobile content is nothing new for vice, but Snapchat gives it the opportunity to reach young global audiences, even those who are not aware of this Brooklyn- based news broadcaster.

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