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India from time immoral has witnessed the birth of several spiritual doctrines and religion that spread to the rest of the world. India is considered to be a holy land, the place where several divine incarnations had been born to guide the world towards peace and harmony. The Buddhist religion is also said to have evolved from India only, and it was Lord Buddha who is known to be the founder of the divine religion. He is known to have created the Buddhist religious philosophy in the country. Hence, it will be worthwhile to visit the different places of Buddhist importance that are spread all over the country.

About Buddhism

Buddhism is regarded to be the very essence of Dharma that is said to have shaped karma of mortals. It was in 623 BC that Prince Siddhartha had been born to a Nepali royal clan in Lumbini. He was anticipated to become a great and powerful warrior. However, when he turned 29, things looked the other way, when he abandoned his family, kingdom and the princely possessions to become an ascetic. His aim was to attain the truth and self-realization.

Visiting the different Buddhist places of interest

In order to understand more about the religion and to have better and in-depth knowledge, one should select the most appropriate Buddhist package, which should also include Ajanta Ellora tour. For those interested in Buddhist places of interest should visit Bhutan and Nepal. The other popular sites in the country include Sarnath, Bodh Gaya, Ellora and Ajanta Caves and Vaishali.

  • Bodh Gaya: It is at this holy place that Lord Buddha is said to have undertaken severe meditation for attaining self-enlightenment. This place is regarded to be the main one among all Buddhist pilgrimage tour in the country. Devotees from all over the world make it a point to visit this place for witnessing Buddhist origins and get to delve in its history. Some of the major attractions here are the Buddhist monasteries, Jain Temple, Mahabodhi Temple, etc. One can come across several stupas that are lying in ruined condition.
  • Sarnath: It is another important place of Buddhist pilgrimage that one should visit. According to the Buddhist scriptures, it is at this very place that Lord Buddha had attained nirvana. Here, among his disciples, he had preached the Buddhist principles for the very first time. One of the major attractions of the place is the Bodhi tree, under which preaching was done by Lord Buddha. The groves still are said to exist and display the rich history of the country. The other popular relics include the Pillar of Ashoka, Dhameka Stupa, Sculptures of those bygone epochs as well as the artifact remains.
  • Ajanta and Ellora Caves: They are man-made caves that tend to date back to the 2nd and 5th century B.C. It depicts clearly the significance and teachings of Buddhism in artefact, paintings and sculpture form. The caves have been listed under the UNESCO heritage sites.

Therefore, visiting the important Buddhist places will help the traveller to learn more about the religion and its origins.

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