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Looking for a destination with beaches, scenic beauty and relaxing surroundings for your vacation? Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand and has lots to offer. Along with the calm, clear waters with white sand and chilled out beaches, this island is also known for its nightclubs and pubs. The island surrounded by the number of pubs and bars to make your vacation vivacious and pulsating. And if you are not a person who likes loud music and pubs, then there are plenty of other attractions for you. Away from the hustle bustle of the city are located various beaches such as Bophut, Bang Ram, and Mae Nam. The soulful and calm ambiance of the beaches will mesmerize you. You can decide to visit this island for its beauty or clubs or for both.

For Your Stay in Luxury in Samui

No matter what type of a person you are, you will never regret planning a vacation to Samui.  There are a lot of adventure sports for adventure lovers. From rafting to diving, parasailing to skiing you can find all the sports in Samai. This island is also known as easy going paradise and has all that you need for a perfect holiday. Though Samui is very small compared to other parts of the country, it still offers a number of options for world-class accommodations. From apartments to luxury Villas Samui, hotels to resorts, Samui has all types of accommodation. However, Samui villas are supposed to be very famous and offer a number of amenities, facilities and exceptional service combined with privacy and security. The Samui holiday villas are available according to any budget and come with beautiful views. If you are a person who wants to experience the luxury of villas combined with the number of activities and attractions that this island has to offer, then you are sure to have the most memorable and relaxing holiday in Samui.

Samui is also visited by a lot of honeymoon couples. The magnificent surroundings, beautiful beaches and world’s finest private villas make it perfect honeymoon spot for the love birds. Walking hand in hand on beaches, enjoy sunsets or having candle light under the starlit sky, Samui has everything. Whether you want to drink champagne in your private pool, you can enjoy your honeymoon with a number of romantic options available. In fact, the beauty of this destination has attracted many couples to plan their destination wedding in Samui.

When Samui has so much to offer for everyone, why forget the kids? Kids love the beach, but you need to be careful while you take your kids to the beach and keep them away from deep waters. The best beaches in Samui for kids are Mae Nam and Bo Phut. The waves of this beach are gentle and also if you need to push a stroller, the footpaths of this beach are wide enough and you can also find various foreign playmates for your kids as most families choose to visit these beaches. Samui also has a lot of shows that kids can enjoy. Some of them are animal shows, tiger zoos, monkey theaters which cannot be found in most western countries. Kids can also enjoy elephant rides to the jungle waterfalls. Another major attraction for kids is the Samui Butterfly Garden. The island has a number of species of tropical butterflies and being around the colorful butterflies is an experience to remember for kids.

No matter what age group you belong to, your experience in Samui is going to be unforgettable. You can never get bored while you are holidaying in Samui. Samui is visited by tourists throughout the year, but to get discounts and offer and plan a budget holiday you should visit Samui in the offseason. As Thailand is known for its hospitality, you won’t face any problems while you are in Samui. You can hire mopeds during your visit to move around easily on the island. The songthaew is also a mode of public transport that runs in the main local routes and are the cheapest way of transport.

Don’t think twice if you are planning to visit Samui. KohSamui is the perfect destination to have the vacation your way.

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