Best Tips When Buying Used Cars in Modesto

All people love the smell of a new car, but most of the time people ask if it is a worthy investment. Buying a used car is a wise alternative to buying a new car. You can save 30 percent from the buying price when you buy used cars in Modesto. It is however a challenge for the buyer to determine if there is nothing fishy about the used car you are thinking to buy. It is important to ask the following elements to the dealer before you decide on a particular used car.

The maintenance history of the car

It is important for you to ask from the current car owner the history of the car’s oil changes, routine maintenance work, and mechanical jobs done on it that might reveal a problem.

The reason for selling the used car

It is better to trust your instincts and not merely the honesty of the seller. Make sure that the current owner can give you a plausible explanation. If not, it may be that he is trying to get rid of a lemon.

If you can test drive the car

The owner must let you test drive the car. It will be an obvious sign of a scam if he or she will be hesitant. Be sensitive to the car’s performance when running on hills and highways and even in stop and go traffic.

If the car is still under warranty

Choose a car that has the most time left on its warranty period. If the warranty is not transferrable or if it has expired, you can ask the seller to reduce the price based on the cost of an extended warranty.

The best price for the vehicle

Once the vehicle you have set your eyes on passed the initial test, it’s time to negotiate for the best deal. It’s smart to do research on the right price. Don’t hesitate to walk away when the owner offers you a high rate for its lowest offer.

Get the car’s VIN or vehicle identification number

It is crucial for you to check the oil and the engine. The oil has to be golden in color and it has to be free from dirt or debris. The mileage and the odometer have to be checked too as well as the coolant’s fluid levels.

The number of owners the car had

It is better to buy a used car with previous owners. When you are dealing directly with the original owner, you will know the history of the car you are planning to buy. You have to be careful when an owner sells the car after owning it for only a short time. The type of owner can also give you an indication of the manner in which the car has been driven. For instance, it is safer to buy from a mature woman than from a twenty-year-old student.

Check on any accidents

Find out if the car had been involved in any accident. This can be done by checking with DVLA since they have records of every car filed in their database.

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