The Unknown Facts of Armored Vehicles

What are the first things you think of when you see an armored truck driving down on the street? We can imagine that the man inside the car is extremely powerful! If you are the man sitting inside of any kind of armor vehicle like car, truck or tank, you can keep three conclusions on your mind that – 1. Someone somewhere has an intension to kill you, 2. Someone has a great interest in preserving you and 3. Being surrounded by armor plating, bullet-proof glass and explosive-proof floors clearly defines that you are most vulnerable. Keep in mind that the less time you spend in an armor vehicle, the better for you. However, it is also a very useful car if you really need it. If you are thinking about buying an armor vehicle, then go through this blog where we can help you to know some unknown facts about it..

  • Death-rate security:

The first things you may don’t know that armor cars have the second highest death-rate security in the field (according to In fact it is equally in the position of nightclub security guard.

  • Resist any situation:

The armored vehicles plated in deep steel and these are also highly angulated to prevent high-powered rifle bullets as the windshield of these cars are positioned at a 45 degree angle. Like other cars, the tire blowouts can’t stop a good armored car, unless the plastic liners get attached with the inside of a tire. Even on the difficult situation, an armored car will provide stability until the car can reach a safe location.

  • Weigh over 55,000 pounds:

The gross vehicle weight of most armored truck tops an astonishing 55,000 pounds or over 27 tons which is equal as the average weight of a humpback whale or the US military’s cargo helicopter.

The main problem with armored car industry is the insecurity they cast across the country due to the explosion of armored vehicle manufacturers. So, maintain some sincerity while you are looking for the armored vehicles for sale.

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