The Rise Of Bitcoin And Value Of 1 Bitcoin In Inr

The rise of crypto currency has been one of the latest trends in the modern age. The values of some cryptocurrencies have increased from just a few cents to more than a thousand dollar. One of the most expensive currency theses day is bitcoin. The cost of bitcoin has skyrocketed in less than a decade. This increase in the price has led to increase in the search phrase “cost of 1 bitcoin in inr”.

bitcoin account

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new currency in the modern age. This is not issued by any country or a person. The currency is gained through a process called digital mining. Mining here makes the use of very powerful graphics cars and computer CPUs. The value of bitcoin has increased so rapidly within a few years. This increased their popularity among almost all of the people looking to make easy money.

Current value the currency

Currently 1 btc to inr is almost equal to more than 7 lacks. This is a very lager amount, but this is less than what the currency was valued about two years ago. Two years ago bitcoin value was more than 10 lacks in Indian rupees.

What lies ahead?

The future has almost been cloudy for bitcoin. But there are many bulls who have predicted the there is a bright future for bitcoin in the near future. These bulls have stated the value of this cryptocurrency is about to explode as there had been a limit of 20 million which can be mined.  They have expected the value of bitcoin to cross the 10 crore Indian Rupee mark within a few years.

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