Advantages of Installing an Electric Fireplace

There are several different types of fireplaces on the market, each one offers various advantages depending on what the consumer is looking for. It’s great to come home to a comfortable, cosy fire, especially during those cold, winter evenings. Installing an electric fireplace provides numerous benefits, the following article will look at a select few.

An electric fireplace doesn’t produce smoke or fumes – One of the main advantages of installing an electric fire is that it doesn’t produce any smoke or fumes, you don’t need to use coal or collect wood. You simply plug the unit into a socket and the fireplace will turn on immediately. It provides the illusion of having a real fire, without causing any sort of pollution. The flames you observe in the fire are fake because there is no fuel being directed into the unit, the whole system runs on electrical power. As a homeowner, you won’t have to be concerned with any dangerous gas or smoke entering your home, when you want to shut the fireplace down, you just pull out the plug.

Very simple installation process – There are a few specialist installation companies who deal with fire places in Cambridge, they can install a state of the art electric fireplace at an affordable rate, if you have any concerns about the installation process you can contact one of these companies for further information on the topic. Some other types of fireplaces can be expensive to install and most of the time they require some type of brickwork to finish the process, an electric fireplace can be fitted almost anymore, it comes as a standalone unit and doesn’t require a huge amount of space to operate.

Advantages of Installing an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are low maintenance – Electric fireplaces are very easy to maintain, you don’t have to constantly clean them out after you use them unlike a wood burning unit. Fireplaces such as a wood burning stove require regular maintenance, you’ll need to store enough fuel to get the fire started and keep it burning for a substantial amount of time. Once the fire is out, you’ll also have to clean the fireplace and dispose of the remains. Electric fireplaces don’t require that much attention, they are low maintenance products which simply operate off the flick of a switch.

They provided added safety and security – Electric fireplaces are safe, especially for homeowners who have young children playing around the house. They don’t produce a naked flame so there is no risk of kids sticking their fingers inside and getting burnt. Understandably, parents worry about household fireplace installation because of the risk factors, but electric fireplaces are extremely safe in comparison to other units. They are also equipped with safety mechanisms for added security.

These are just a handful of benefits associated with installing an electric fireplace in your home, they are safe for all the family, they require very little maintenance, they can be installed anywhere and they’re very durable units. Furthermore, they don’t produce smoke or any other harmful gases.


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