An Insight To The Handicrafts Of India That Have Worldwide Recognition

India is blessed with a rich heritage. A heritage rooted in the deepest and farthest places of our country. The Indian handicraft is a part of that great heritage. Handicrafting has its roots in the rural. A handicraft, sometimes more precisely expressed as artisanal handicraft or handmade, is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools.

There are almost as many variations on the theme of handicrafts as there are crafters with time on their hands, but they can be broken down into a number of categories. If one wishes to still keep alive the Indian heritage you could promote it and buy handicrafts onlineThe list is given below:

Using Textiles Or Leather:

  1. Bagh prints
  2. Banner making
  3. Calligraphy
  4. Canvas work
  5. Cross-stitch
  6. Crochet
  7. Darning
  8. Embroidery
  9. Felting
  10. Knitting
  11. Lace making
  12. Embossing leather
  13. Lucet
  14. Macramé
  15. Hat making
  16. Needlepoint
  17. Needle work generally
  18. Patchwork
  19. Quilting
  20. Ribbon embroidery
  21. Rug making
  22. Saddle making
  23. Sewing
  24. Shoe making
  25. Silk screening
  26. Spinning (textile)
  27. String Art
  28. Tapestry
  29. Tatting
  30. T-shirt art
  31. Weaving

Using wood, Metal, Clay, Bone, Horn, Glass Or Stone:

  1. Bead work
  2. Bone carving (buffalo, camel etc as well as horn)
  3. Brass broidered coconut shell craft of Kerela
  4. Buffalo horn plates
  5. Carpentry
  6. Ceramic art generally
  7. Chip carving
  8. Copper arts
  9. Dollhouse construction and furnishing
  10. Enameling and grisaille
  11. Fretwork
  12. Glass etching
  13. Glassblowing
  14. Jewellery design
  15. Lapidary
  16. Lath art
  17. Marquetry
  18. Mosaics
  19. Pottery
  20. Puppet making
  21. Repousse and chasing (embossing metal)
  22. Scale modelling
  23. Stained glass
  24. Toy making
  25. Wood burning (pyrography)
  26. Wood carving
  27. Wood turning
  28. Woodworking generally

Using Paper Or Canvas:

  1. Altered books
  2. Artist trading cards
  3. Assemblage- collage in three dimensions
  4. Bookbinding
  5. Card making
  6. Collage
  7. Decollage
  8. Decoupage
  9. Embossing paper
  10. Iris folding
  11. Origami or paper folding
  12. Paper marbling
  13. Paper modeling, paper craft or card modeling
  14. Papier- mache
  15. Parchment craft
  16. Popup books
  17. Quilling or paper filigree
  18. Rubber/ acrylic stamping
  19. Scrap booking

Using Plants Other Than Wood:

  1. Basket weaving
  2. Corn dolly making
  3. Floral design
  4. Pressed flower craft
  5. Straw marquetry


  1. Balloon animals
  2. Cake decorating
  3. Egg decorating

With such a large variation of handicrafts in India, one can probably estimate the incredible amount of creativity in here. Coming from a country with such rich heritage for handicrafts is any day a proud thing. But, the metal handicrafts India are the most renowned of them all. Metal handicrafts include metal work using zinc, copper, brass, silver, and gold. Some other traditional ancient handicraft styles such as Dhokra, barware, kamrupi, and PembaRhi have worldwide recognition. I hope this article gives an insight into the rich culture of our country.

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