How to do charity donation in Singapore?

A charity donation is considered as the gift of cash, goods or any other services which are given to a non-profit organization in order to help them to accomplish their goals. There are many types of charity donations available and they have to keep records for each and every donation. They will provide us with an amount donated, date and name of the person or an organization which has donated. Any properties which have been donated to the non-profit organization can be easily deducted at a fair market value. Charity donation Singapore is more famous as there is more number of non-profit organizations available there. World vision Singapore is one of the best charitable trusts which help most of the children for their studies. The work of this world vision Singapore charity’s works are listed below:

classes for kids

  • Help the children in crisis
  • Disaster response
  • Economic development
  • Education for the children
  • Food and security
  • Health and nutrition
  • Clean water and sanitation

World vision is a Christian relief charitable trust which is dedicated in working with the children, families by helping them to come out of their poverty line. Singapore is one among the 100 countries where this world vision charity has registered its footprints. It works with a mission with serving all the people, regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or the gender and age group. You can easily contribute to this trust by being a child sponsor or by responding to a specific disaster.

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