Things that you can reuse for your second baby 

Almost every parent tries his best to provide all the important things to their first baby. But they are very confused when they have a second baby regarding the reuse of that material. If you are also facing this problem then you must have to learn more about it before reusing. Because many things can cause infection to your second bay as babies are very soft. You have to be very sure about can you reuse pacifiers for second baby before using them without asking anyone.

This question is very common so never feel shy or silly while asking this to your doctor. You can read articles, blogs, or videos of specialists to get the answer of can you reuse pacifiers for second baby.

These are few things that you can use for your second baby:

  • Baby crib 

You can use baby cribs with all your babies as they are built to last and strong enough to use again and again. But don’t forget to change the baby crib mattress and they can build up unwanted microorganisms which can harmful for your baby.

  • Stroller 

You can also use the stroller with your baby as they are very durable. But you must have to wash its exterior as it contains a lot of germs which can harm your baby. You must have to put them in sunlight after wash as it kills the germs and bacteria.

  • Baby clothing 

If the clothes of your first baby are representable then you can use them for your second child. But you must have to clean them properly and don’t forget to disinfect them. You can save a lot of money by reusing your first baby clothes.

  • Swaddling blankets 

The blankets are very cute and soft. You can also use them for your second child but after proper cleaning.

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