Microscopic Evaluations to Diagnose the Cancerous Developments

The medical field has advanced its diagnostic method to ensure there is no symptom left behind unidentified. Numerous tests have been developed to support the diagnosis of a doctor. Use of camera or ultrasound techniques is very common in today’s world in order to confirm any dysfunction in any patient’s body. Colonoscopy is one such method used to diagnose abnormalities in the large intestine or rectum.

pap smear and colposcopy singaporeA fiber-optic camera on a flexible tube is passed through the anus of the patient in order to visually determine the stage of cancer. Colonoscopy can also be used to remove a small polyp which is then studied further to confirm whether it’s colorectal cancer. The pap smear and colonoscopy singapore are helping many patients in diagnosing whether they are suffering from precancerous developments in their intestine or not.

Pap smear is a similar test but restricted to female patients. Basically, it is carried out to diagnose the precancerous or cancerous developments in the cervix. A referred patient’s vagina is opened with a speculum and some sample cells from the outer opening of the cervix are collected for further investigations. These cells are then tested under a microscope to see if any abnormalities are developing or not.

The potential precancerous development is mostly identified by this method and is considered very effective on the age group from 22 to 65. However, the pap smear and colposcopy singapore suggest going for colonoscopy test in cases where the pap smear is unable or fails to diagnose any abnormalities in the cervix.

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