Skin problems propping up during the course of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when you are all over the moon. Though a lot of changes are expected, but some less welcome changes could also spring out. With the hormones being overdrive and the belly stretching at an unexpected level to accommodate the needs of a growing baby the skin is known to react in such ways that you might not even have expected. Pregnancy skin disorders medication could solve the problem to a considerable extent, but you need to be aware about the skin issues during this time. It is pretty much on the lines of pain medication while pregnant and steps needs to be taken at the earliest.

Spider veins or varicose

The former is red veins appearing on the face while the latter is purple veins spring up on the legs during the period of pregnancy. But the better news is that both of them tend to fade away once the baby is born.

Stretch marks

Most women tend to witness stretch marks on the breasts and bellies during pregnancy. This tends to appear in the last phase of pregnancy. It is how much you quickly go on to gain weight which determines whether you do possess stretch marks. In this regard genetics also have a role to play as well.

pain medication while pregnant


The zits are no longer restricted to the teenage group as most would be mothers also get acnes during the course of pregnancy. This is taking into consideration the fact if they have never had it before as well.

Rashes and itchy skin

If you suddenly encounter itch all over the body it is not that uncommon. The urge of a pregnant women is to scratch from everything and this would include the growing belly to the bottom of their feet as well. There are some skin conditions related to pregnancy that is known to cause itchy rashes as well. The name that comes straight to the mind is PUPP or which goes by the name of plaques of pregnancy.  In fact there are red small humps that evolve from small into large patches. It could be termed as prurigo of pregnancy where tiny humps may replicate to be like insect bites.

Nail and hair changes

It is also observed that the nails tend to grow faster during pregnancy and at the same time the hair does become thicker and fuller. All these changes tend to occur due to the presence of pregnancy hormones. It is also observed that hair might start forming in places where you would not have intended it to be, and this might include your chest, face or belly.

Linea Nigra and melasma

If dark patches on your face is being observed then the chances are that you could be affected by melasma. This could also be termed as a mask of pregnancy. The condition of the skin is known to have an impact on nearly half of the pregnant women and also leads to lineanigra (a dark line that does pass through the centre of belly)

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