Bright and affordable:

            If you are in the fashion industry you would know what sells the most. There is no secret that trend these days is called as the never before fashion as can be seen from supreme pantip fashion house which has brought out certain new color blends which were not seen before and yet they are affordable and especially for the youngsters who are in schools and colleges. If you do not own one of this, then you are considered backward as far as fashion goes.

Bold prints:

            As though the fiery bright colors are not enough, they also have the bold prints such as the skull in the sweat shirts and the hoodies and the jackets are also available in huge prints that are symmetrically printed on both the sides with the zipper running in between. The camo pants and jogging gear is also a best seller in the street fashion and has attracted the youngsters the most that are into sports what with the unmatched foot wear.


            The clothing from the fashion house is multipurpose as they have not restricted themselves to one activity or utility. The clothing here will work also as the wind shields as one is riding a bike in the winter but also serve the purpose in the summer when you go for the cotton apparel available here.

The puffy:

            The newly designed clothing here at ร้าน 7 street are also very puffy as they are stuffed with the right material which will keep you warm during the winter months as well and the animal prints are a rage these days and they are made affordable for all. A look at this apparel would be an eye opener for what is new in the field.

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