Online liquor at jetspree


Looking for a wine to buy online? Then here is the jet spree to get wine online Malaysia, just order and enjoy having wine at your favorite place or spot. If you are hailing from Malaysia, then it’s the time to get wine from the online shop of jet spree. The business model of this jet spree is a win-win type and will be connecting buyers as well as travelers which allows the customers who are based in Malaysia to get themselves enjoyed wines which are fine foreign ones and that are not present in the local stores. This is not just a local wine shop. They get the rare items of the wine from various regions from Singapore, London, Australia, and Hong Kong for the sake of fulfilling the orders from Malaysian consumers and submitted through the wine shop which is online.

Online liquor at jetspree

Shop wine online

There is the option of shopping online and can select the country of origin for the wine category and also there is an option for shopping by brand. There are various kinds of wines which are available to choose and the customers are given the choice to select from rose, champagne, sauvignon blanc, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon or any kind of the white or the red wine which is of the international origin and get them sent to the country Malaysia.

These wines as shopped online will be delivered to the address of the customer and there are almost 500 wines which are fine from all over the world with good choice and there is bottled to be found from the selection. If you are not able to find the one which you are interested in having, then you can create a request for the same. Not only the wines, here at jet spree is an option for shopping makeup online Malaysia and get the orders directly delivered to home. Many skin care products are available on the website to shop online and get them delivered right at your doorstep.

 There are skincare tips before putting the makeup on the face so that the skin wouldn’t get any damage due to the products that are used on them. Many makeup products are available on the site like the makeup base, eye shadow, makeup kits, makeup bags and many more which are of the best and the premium quality. One important feature is that they are available to be shipped anywhere across Malaysia. The prices are reasonable and affordable too.


There are various lipsticks, eyeliners, and many other makeup products available for the customers to choose and place an order. In case of any queries regarding any products, there is also the customer care that is available to be contacted.

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