Gantt chart – Make efficient Project management

People who have no idea of Gantt charts will know something about it after going through this article. Gantt chart is defined as a bar chart illustrating the project schedule with the work breakdown structure (WBS) of a particular project. It is simply a graph or visual view of activities or tasks that are scheduled over some time.

They are used to tell people what works of the project should be completed on that day and these charts can be used by all projects no matter whether the size of the project is large or small. With the scheduled graph, you will be able to know the start and end dates of a project.

With the help of Gantt chart, it is easy for you to see

  • The date when your project has started.
  • The tasks that are involved in the project.
  • Members working on each and every tasks of it.
  • Start and end time of all the tasks.
  • Time taken by the tasks to complete it.
  • Grouping, overlapping as well as linking of tasks with each other.
  • Finally, when the project is completed.

Before people used to draw Gantt charts on paper and colored blocks are drawn over it but nowadays, after the advent of the Gantt chart software, everything can be done on your computer or laptops. With the help of this project management software, you will be able to make your own timeline on the PowerPoint presentation without making much effort.

Gantt chart software which is also known as project management or planning software was brought into existence in order to automate the project requirements which may include milestones addition, creating task dependencies and also identifying the project critical path.

Using this online Gantt chart has many numbers of benefits and some of them are listed below:

  • Planning and scheduling projects.
  • Planning and scheduling tasks of a project.
  • Planning and scheduling tasks from different projects.
  • Viewing tasks
  • Scheduling the work of teams to be performed.
  • Collaborating team members

Users of this chart

It can be used by people who need to verify the workflow of projects and is not limited to a particular firm. Some of the roles to use this chart is

  • Project Managers
  • General Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Administrators
  • Team Leads
  • Scheduling managers

Thus, project management has become easier and more efficient by using Gantt charts.

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