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Since the last few decades, mobile phones have become the most used technological gadget around the globe, and mobile manufacturing organizations have turned into global giants. The most important and popular among all others are Apple and Samsung. The best selling touchscreen smartphones during the years 2014 and 2016 are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus both of which are Apple products. Together selling over 220 million units, Apple has taken the lead in the race and have gradually climbed the ladder of competition in the mobile manufacturing market to reach to the top. Undoubtedly, touchscreen smartphones are best when apple-certified, but no boon comes without bane. Apple replacement parts wholesale has become equivalent to a saviour in this aspect.

Both extremely expensive and brittle, iPhones have earned a bad reputation regarding the frailties that Apple could not overcome before launching their series of smartphones. Despite the amount of money that is spent on an iPhone, Apple seems to create them for replacement after a couple of years. Assuming that you still have managed to keep the screen of your iPhone intact without dropping it, the battery of your Apple product most probably will need to be replaced after exactly 2 years as it starts to fade by then. Apple gives you a warranty period for mere 1 or 1 and a ½ year. Going by this fact, you should be able to purchase a new iPhone after every 2 years to keep the stature intact? Is it any way possible..? Not necessarily!

The most common problems of iPhones and their solutions:

  • Batteries – Expect your iPhone battery to lose it charging capacity by more than 25% in less than 2 years. Popular sources have experienced losses even more. Most people opt to buy a new phone as soon as any discrepancy is noted regarding batteries and especially if the handset is Apple manufactured.

Solution – Unpopular but budget friendly and experimented by several sources. Apple replacement parts wholesale and many other iPhone replacement batteries and parts are the best choices in this case. Readily available at wholesale prices, these parts can fit your apple handle just as the original work smoothly as before!

  • Screens – Brittle as these iPhones are, they can break into pieces with the slightest of falls. A fall to the floor, knocked off the table, dropped by your pet or thrown by your baby, iPhone screens are sure to crack in every way possible.

Solution – Used to be a little tricky but the new releases of the iPhone series have simplified their screen designing, making it easy for the iPhone repair parts wholesale markets to create the exact replica of the iPhone screen. The right tools and simple instructions can create magic.

  • Water Damage – Claims to be waterproof and some may really be so (the recently launched), most iPhones do not stand strong on their claims when the question turns to water. Dropping your iPhone into the pool may result in a minor heart attack as the product will now have to be rendered as worthless. The components will be damaged coming in contact with water as it causes corrosion.

Solution – Normally a bag of rice would soak up all the moisture from your phone, but it wouldn’t work if the damage is on a greater scale. Apple replacement parts wholesale, iPhone repair parts wholesale and other such markets have ample replacements for the corroded components for an Apple product.

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