Entertaining Activities When in Port Dickson

When you are in Malaysia, venture outside Kuala Lumpur and see why the country defined their uniqueness in terms of diversity as “truly Asia”. There are many worthy places to visit in Malaysia but there is one town that is making its name. Have you heard about Port Dickson (PD)?

PD is one hour away by car from Kuala Lumpur. If you want to visit it, take the North-South Expressway to get there. This town was famous for producing charcoal but later developed by the British to a small port. Now the eighteen-kilometer stretch of the beach in PD is a famous holiday destination not only for local visitors but also for foreign ones. This draw was capitalized by beach resort in port dickson malaysia.

beach resort in port dickson malaysia

Here are some activities that you can consider whilst here:

•    PD has many resorts that offer different kinds of water activities except surfing because of the shallow water and not good waves. You can snorkel or paddle with the kids if you like. If you like to just lie there and enjoy the sun, you can also do that. The picturesque sight will surely induce relaxation. Other hotels nearby also offer spa service or massage. You can make the most out of it.

•    There is a military museum in PD. This military museum has two sides: one side for the galleries and the other side for the historical exhibits. Children will enjoy the gallery side because of the old military equipment that they can climb on like armored vehicles and even helicopters. The other side is more of describing the history of this Malay Peninsula. Do not worry because there is an English version that you can read.

•    In the South side of PD, you will find an animal farm. It is famous for their ostrich though. The kids will have an opportunity to feed the huge birds. Not only that, you can also ride the ostrich as long as you weight less than 40 kilograms. There is a fee of course. Kids can ride for Malaysian Ringgit 10. The animal farm also houses turkeys, goats, chickens, horses, donkeys, peacocks, and many more. You can feed these animals as well for Malaysian Ringgit 3 per bag.

•    If you are in arts, you can visit the Alive 3D Art Gallery. It is one of the most popular attractions in PD. The gallery features more than fifty 3 dimensional art paintings and murals. The art gallery is in Lukut. Although this is not a uniquely Malaysia, this can be a fun place to see more art. Going there might be a challenge if you do not have a car.

•    You should not miss the Chinese Temple called Wan Loong. It is the southern part of PD. Although this is a small temple, it is interesting because of its intricate decorations.

Navigating in PD is a bit challenging. The best way to move here is through a car. There are a limited number of public bus services around this area. If you do not have a car, the best option is to arrange a taxi. If you didn’t arrange any, you spend five to ten minutes waiting for a taxi to pass by.

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