The Best Glamping Sites Around the World

Camping is the ultimate hobby through which you can connect with nature. When you go camping, you create stories and memories that you can tell for generations; it also makes for a great bonding experience with family members and friends.

However, camping is not everyone’s cup of tea, mainly due to the essential facilities that are not offered in the great outdoors. These days, there are options known as glamping or “Luxury Glamping.” Glamping is a hobby that provides you with all the fun activities of camping, without having to sacrifice on comfort; it also includes five-star luxury amenities.

In this article, I have listed the best glamping sites in the world, that you should include in your bucket list and visit without fail.


Longitude 131 is one of the prominent glamping sites in Australia; it’s ideal for campers because it’s located in the heart of the country. The glamping site faces Uluri and delivers a spectacular view of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The site has 15 tented pavilions.By staying here, you can explore your surroundings with ease. In case you want to set up your glamping site, then you can always look out for glamping tents for sale Australia.


Eco camp in Chile is situated in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park; this location is one of the most amazing places to visit in South America, and it provides a sustainable accommodation that is completely equipped with green technology. By glamping here, you will enjoy treks that are led by professional guides, go on wildlife excursions in the daytime and gaze at star-filled skies at night, through dome ceilings; the camp is pretty basic. If you want to visit the glamp site, make sure you book the dome suites for a fulfilling glamping experience with prime comfort.


The SingitaSabora Tented camp is one of the most prominent camping sites in the area of Grumeti Reserves. The site spans over 350,000 acres in Northern Tanzania. The campsite is located near the migratory location of wilder beasts. The campground is a great attraction to visitors because of the prime location and the rugged terrain of the savannahs that surround the plains.


Think of this glamp site as an Oasis that awaits you amidst the sandy dunes of the desert. This desert resort has an Asian-inspired spa, a nature reserve, an 18-hole championship golf course and access to a private beach. The site also has tented roofs that are in the style of a traditional nomadic dwelling, along with modern villa furnishes that are styled in a classic Arab style and includes the thrill of your private pool. All these amenities put togethermake for a fulfilling stay.


Aman-I-Khas is open for residents from October to May every year; this is because it’s the best time to spot wildlife. The wilderness camp is situated in the brushwood forest on the outskirts of the Ranthambore National Park. Along with the fascinating wildlife and comfortable amenities, a stay at this glamp site is worth your money.

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