The Mysterious Story of Delhi’s Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal or Wilayat Mahal is what people would call a hunting lodge of sorts which was built in the Tughlaq Era. Located in the Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi, this lodge is right next to the Indian Space Research Organization.

If you are a history lover and wish to witness its secrets, then read ahead and know the story. Whether you are from Mumbai or Pune, you can definitely visitexperience the mysterious aura of this Mahal, though you will not be granted access inside. So, check and book pune to delhi cheap air ticketstoday and take a trip to Delhi and don’t forget to miss this mystery place.

The Mahal gets its name because it is located in Malcha which is one of the historical villages known since the British Era in India. It was built by Firuz Shah Tughlaq who ruled the Sultanate of Delhi centuries ago in 1325. It was later renamed as Wilayat Mahal after the Begum Wilayat Mahal of Awadh. She was reportedly given the Mahal by the Government of India in May 1985.  Currently, the building is mostly in ruins and is in a state of despair.

The stories of this Mahal are in fact quite fascinating. As mentioned earlier, this Mahal was given to Begum Wilayat Mahal of Awadh, who was the granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. However, she did not get the possession of the Mahal as easily as one would think. During the late 1970’s, Begum Wilayat Mahal spent over 10 years protesting at the New Delhi Railway Station in order to get that property which she claimed was that of her ancestors. After ten years of constant protests, she was acknowledged by the Government and Rajiv Gandhi who finally took notice. Thus, the government gave her the lands as a compensation for the British who seized the Nawab’s lands over a century ago.

Even though the Begum was in fact quite successful in regaining the lands that her ancestors lost to injustice, she was said to have borne the brunt of her struggles both mentally and physically. According to some reports, she was deeply mentally disturbed and the strain of fighting for the property had really gotten to her. She was also known to be quite an eccentric woman and was said to portray unusual behaviour in more circumstances than one. She had two children, a son called Prince Ali Raza and a daughter called Princess Sakina Mahal. After she was given the Mahal, it is said that her life revolved around looking after the children and simultaneously maintaining a crumbling and decrepit property that was given to her. It is said that the house had no electricity or water and that there were bats there as well.

Because of all these factors put together, on December 10, 2008, at the age of 62, Begum Wilayat committed suicide by consuming crushed diamonds. Shortly after her death, rumours that the place was haunted. It was said that the Begum haunts the place up to this day and that people including journalists who dared to venture to the place never came back. After her death, her grave was dug up and vandalized by some local thieves who wanted to rob any jewellery that was on her corpse. Because of this, her children ended up burning the body and stored her ashes in a crystal vial.

Today, the Mahal stands as a crumbling piece of architecture, obscured with thick forestry and is a legacy of death and anguish. It is said that the Begum’s children live there up to this day on a frugal and reclusive existence. They have no modern amenities whatsoever and live amidst 9 massive dogs as security. The entrance of the place is also guarded by security given by the Governor of Delhi to ensure their safety at all times. There is a large sign at the entrance to the Mahal that says “Entry Restricted. Caution of Hound Dogs. Intruders will be gunned down.” As per the reports, the Prince died in December 2017 leaving the ruins in utter silence and looming despair.

All in all, this Mahal is more of a sad story than that of a haunted one. It throws light onto the sufferings of the Begum and the sorry state of yet another piece of architecture from India’s past. If you are looking intoPune to Delhi flights airfares and are looking to visit Delhi anytime soon, do pass by this Mahal and see for yourself.

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