Top Places to See in China for Nature Lovers

China is a land rich in culture, tradition, and history. There is a lot to see and do in this incredible land that offers a spectacular landscape full of natural beauty. The buildings and architecture in China are famous across the world. But there is something incredible about China’s scenic sights that can surprise and delight nature lovers in the most amazing ways possible. If you love exploring natural scenery then you can easily plan your itinerary through Yatra. Here are the top places to see in China for nature lovers.

Huangshan Mountain Range

Huangshan mountain range, also known as the Yellow Mountain, is situated in the Anhui province. From its various peaks, you can see glorious rising and setting sun throughout the year. You can also view cloud seas from this mountain range especially in the months between September and May. The place is easily accessible from most cities in China.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Enjoy the marvel of nature at the oldest national park in China. The mountains in this area are shaped like tall pillars amid a sea of green dense trees. The site offers excellent nature photography opportunities with its varied scenery. See the Tianzi Mountains and the rock walls in the Yangjiajie Scenic Area. Explore the various valleys in the area. You can visit the place in both warmer and colder months. During winters, the place is less crowded and you can see mountain peaks covered in snow.

Chengdu City

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan and the place to go for spending a day with the giant pandas. The city is home to a breeding facility for pandas that have been instrumental in saving this endangered species. Chengdu is an area with nature reserves and parks surrounded by mountains. Along with the giant pandas, you can also see here other endangered species such as snow leopards and red pandas. While you are in Sichuan, you can also visit the Wolong National Nature Reserve to see pandas and rare wildlife. If you wish for a more closer encounter with pandas then head to Dujiangyan Panda Valley. Here, you can participate in the volunteer program and spend time feeding the pandas.

Qinling Mountains

Qinling, Qin Ling or simply the Qin Mountains are located in the Shaanxi province. The mountain forms a natural divide between China’s northern and southern parts. Home to endangered animals, the area is also full of plants of various kinds. You can spend time exploring the various lesser-known attractions here such as the Xian Garden and the White Pyramid. If you wish to spend some quiet time in nature in a crowded country like China then this is the place for you. If the presence of plants and animals in natural settings make you happy, this is the ideal getaway for you.

Fragrant Hills Park

Located in Beijing, this beautiful hillside park spans across 395 acres and is peppered with persimmon, smoke trees, natural pines, cypress, and maple trees. You will get to see gorgeous red leaves here is autumn and you can also ride the cable car to soak in the park’s view from the best angles. Tea houses, pagodas, and temples appear as you go uphill and you will also be impressed by the Incense Burner Peak, which is the highest peak in this park. In winter, the park turns white with snow and is a unique sight.

Planning an itinerary for your nature tour in a big country like China can be a bit overwhelming. But you can easily get started with Yatra.

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